Welcome to the Forum Survey
Thank you for choosing to use this Forum Survey to help maintain and improve the health of your Forum.

Within a few minutes, you will set up the Forum Survey and
    • Your Forum members will automatically receive an email providing them with instructions on how to access and complete the survey.
    • You will receive an email from your own email address with the subject of 'Forum Survey Results'. It is important that you save this email as it provides instructions on how to:
      • view the survey results
      • add new participants at a later time
      • extend the expiration date of the survey
      • take the survey yourself
Please take a few minutes to read and understand the following instructions:


CLICK HERE to open your new survey - a new page will be launched, keeping these instructioins available to you.
    • Complete the required information (Forum details, email addresses, etc.). You will need to have available the email addresses of all the members of your Forum.
    • Enter the survey expiration date (you do have the option to extend this date later if you choose to).
    • Create two passwords - one for yourself and one for the Forum members.
    • Provide a personal message to your Forum members.
    • There are 28 standard questions, and you have the option to tailor two questions to the needs of your Forum.

Once you have sent the survey, an email will arrive in your Inbox (from your own email address) with the subject: 'Forum Survey Results: PLEASE KEEP, SURVEY INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED.'

It is important that you save this email as it provides you with all the information that you need to manage the survey and access the survey results:
    • Link to monitor survey results and information on who has responded/not responded.
    • Link to add new members to this survey.
    • Link for you to complete the survey.
    • Link to extend the expiration date of the survey.
    • Reminder of your moderator password and the member password needed by participants.
When you send out the survey to the participants, they receive an email from you which will include the following:
    • Personal message from moderator.
    • Their own personal link to the survey.
    • Member password to access the survey. A Forum member can only complete the survey once and cannot edit their feedback once submitted.

To view progress of member completion of survey, you will need to click on the relevant link provided in the email described above. You will not receive notification of completed surveys.

The following information will be available to you when at least half of the members have responded.
    • # of people invited to take survey.
    • # of people who have responded to the survey.
    • Click here to send an email reminder to those who have not yet responded.
    • Click here to view the Forum Survey Results to date. This report will show you the same information as in the first report and also show you the member's responses for each survey question, including the Average Survey Response, Lowest Score, and Highest Score.

I lost the initial email that I received with instructions to access my Forum's survey results; how can I have it sent to me again?

CLICK HERE to have your survey introduction (including password) resent.

What do I do if I need to resend the Survey link to my Forum members?

Using the email sent to you with Survey instructions, click on the relevant link and follow instructions.

Who can help me walk through the results and give guidance on where action is needed and what it might be?

Contact a Certified Forum Facilitator. They will be able to help you analyze the survey data and customize a Forum SuperCharge workshop for your Forum.

For any other questions, send an email to Forumhelp@ypo.org.

LOST PASSWORD! CLICK HERE to have your survey introduction or moderator instructions (including password) resent.